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Dr. Fullan's Retirement Letter

September 15, 2020


Dear Patients and Families,


I regret to inform you that I will be retiring at the end of February 2021. I certainly will miss all of you, and I wish there was another solution.


I encourage you to start now to find a new psychiatrist because of a shortage of these doctors.  It is my understanding that referrals to psychiatrists can only be made by primary care providers within the same health organization (HMO) so this is the person I recommend you contact.  


I have not worked in the Bellin system in approximately ten years, so I no longer have contacts there. I am not familiar with the Prevea or Aurora psychiatrists because I have not worked in those systems.  I have found that most primary care providers have a good sense of which psychiatrists are good to work with, and I think that it is difficult to predict which psychiatrist will match up well with a given patient, so I would strongly consider availability.  If you are willing to be available for appointments that open up due to cancellations by other patients, I think this could reduce waiting times.  The doctor’s website will often give credentialing, areas of particular expertise, and tell whether or not they do therapy. There also are quite a few doctor rating sites on the internet where patient opinions are posted to assist you in this process.


It would be a good idea to email or call your health insurance provider to get a list of in-network providers in your area.  If there are friends and family you are comfortable talking to, they often have information about local providers. I also would consider non-local providers that do tele-psychiatry if you are comfortable with that.


Thank you for allowing me to participate in your care.



Sincerely yours,

Neil Fullan, M.D